About us

Each of us is interested in doing a lot of good for the world. Through discussion groups, events, providing resources, opportunities, connections, etc. we hope to help each other and those who share our goal as much as we can.

Our Organizers

Dave Banerjee


Let’s talk philosophy, math, and physics! I’d also love to chat about getting involved with EA and being impactful.

Top Cause Areas

drb2192 [at] columbia.edu

Meet with Dave

Rohan Subramini

Co-VP of AI Safety Program

I love math, CS, philosophy, physics, indie-pop/rock music, fantasy books, tennis, and great TV shows. Happy to chat about those or anything else!

Top Cause Areas

rs4126 [at] columbia.edu

Meet with Rohan

Berkan Ottlik

Co-VP of AI Safety Program

Talk to me about AI/research, anything meta, meditation, pool or anything else! I enjoy meeting new people and helping people.

Top Cause Areas

bto2106 [at] columbia.edu

Meet with Berkan

Kali Richards

Director of AI Governance

Talk to me about governance, linguistics, chess, writing, or anything that consumes an inordinate portion of your mind!

Top Cause Areas

kmr2212 [at] columbia.edu

Anthony Zhou

Director of Effective Environmentalism

I’m currently interested in technology, productivity, and the impact of modernity on our behavior. I also enjoy playing the piano and rock climbing!

Top Cause Areas

az2681[at] columbia.edu

Meet with Anthony

Sierra Hollowell

Director of Alternative Proteins

Columbia EA inspired me to (more seriously) consider pursuing a high-impact animal advocacy career. I'm always down to chat about life and explore NYC!

Top Cause Areas

slh2189 [at] columbia.edu

Samarth Agrawal

Director of AI Research Programs

I am excited about helping people do research they find fulfilling and fascinating. I'm easily excited so talk to me about whatever makes you feel like jumping up and down and pacing really fast! Fascinated by people and what drives them.

Top Cause Areas

ssa2206 [at] columbia.edu

Meet with Samarth

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